our vision

A vision where every achievement motivates us to set the bar even higher. A vision where Regional College offerings are continuously updated in keeping with the ever changing global business environment. A vision where we are committed to meeting our social responsibilities, while setting high standards for all our stake holders. A vision and a challenge which we at Regional College have pursued relentlessly over the years.
As Regional College's vision has taken shape and grown, quite naturally the people associated with Regional College's have also grown in tandem. Our bright young students have developed their minds and have embarked upon promising careers in the corporate world. Our Students have developed their latent managerial and leadership capabilities, and several of them have made it right to the top in their respective organizations.
We are committed towards creating a community which is vibrant and which provides a lifelong learning experience and professional development.

our mission

To identify young people with professional aspirations, talents & determination and trigger them off to become ethics & values driven business leaders, by enlightening & enabling them to have right perspectives, and grooming them with knowledge, insights, skills, healthy habits and envisioning & intuitive abilities so that they act original with clear vision, conviction & confidence, being competent, and thus be an inspiration to others, besides charting their own success/ purpose.
To infuse in them action orientation and the core values of hard-work, self discipline, sense of purpose, commitment, responsibility & accountability, thoroughness, partnership, camaraderie, co-operative striving, social & environmental concern and a spirit of community service, so that they, through enlightened ways & means, spread prosperity, peace, harmony and happiness around.., and thus, create a cadre of inspiring, competent and powerful role models of action & change who, in turn, will empower and embolden others by being examples.

From the director's desk

K.c gupta ca


Regional College is an organization with a heart and soul striving to create executive and entrepreneurial leaders. We look for such conviction driven students and parents to be its patron members_ We wish that students come prepared and parents stand by us, for this beautiful journey.Together we will ensure that the time spent with us will be both educational and enjoyable, combining the best in cultural experience and academic excellence.

dr. urmila joshi


Regional College offers students from all over the region a dynamic, supportive and creative environment in which they are encouraged to pursue personal excellence resulting in enhanced prospects for career development. This ensures that our students are ready to face any challenge in today's dynamic environment with great confidence. Regional College is here to build leaders for tomorrow's industry.
I welcome you to explore the wealth of opportunities at Regional College.

amarjeet singh bagga


We quite appreciate the fact that the challenges of pursuing an advanced course of study are considerable, especially for students in today's world. Regional College aims to provide a supportive environment in which individuals feel valued, grow in confidence and fulfill their potential for academic, moral, social and physical development. Our teaching and mentoring have made significant impact in the last twelve years of our existence.
I am looking forward to welcome you at Regional College.

dr. sanjay wadhwa


We recognise that choosing your college of higher learning is one of the most important decisions that you will make in your life.
Regional College aims at providing you with a distinctive combination of academic excellence and professional relevance. Here you will build valuable skills, experience and qualities you need to be successful in life and work.
I take this opportunity to welcome you all to the college and do hope that you will have ample opportunities for continued intellectual and personal growth.