Courses offered


The college offers a regular degree course in commerce viz. B.Com. It seeks to equip the students with practical and vocational skils to exploit dynamic opportunities offered by the business environment. This course prepares the students to take up entry-level jobs in various sectors of trade, commerce and industry.After the completion of the course, a number of specialised professional courses may bepursued.

Objectives of B.Com

This course is designed to enable the students to get advanced knowledge in special subjects, accommodate latest happenings, researches etc. It equips and enables our young graduates to accept challenges of 21st century & make them self-reliant & competent.

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The B.Com (Hons.) course is a flagship course of Regional College, This course seeks to enhance the knowledge base and practical skills in all the areas of business to enable the students to handle basic business tasks. The course also provides strong foundation to pursue higher courses in business education. It is an integrated course which offers a competitive edge to the students in the wake of changing economic scenario.

This course prepares the individual for the modern financial and accounting field. Some of the career options include business management, business development, accounting, marketing and advertising, banking, management consulting, economic analysis, financial planning, foreign affairs, fund management, international business and trade analysis, government administration, policy formulation, portfolio management in the private and public sectors.

Objectives of B.Com (Honours)
  • To enable students acquire the necessary skills and strategies to cope with the ever increasing requirements of industries and business in the globalized era.
  • To compete in the global market for BPO, outsourcing and other international jobs.
  • To help students acquire up-to-date knowledge of information technologies and business trends.
  • To provide the benefit of a diversified system of imparting knowledge and skills.
  • To prepare students to face the challenges and realities of the current business world.
  • To equip students with business skills, latest communication skills and legal issues required by various departments of different organizations.
  • To impart broad knowledge in advanced areas of commerce, accounts and IT.
  • To overcome the deficiencies of the traditional B.Com. degree.
  • This is the preferred qualification for pursuing the professional courses like CA / ICWA / CS.
  • The students will qualify for getting entry into Government organization, Banking Sectors and Commercial establishments.

B.COM (Computer)

Bachelor of Commerce (Computer) is an Under Graduate Degree Course in Commerce. This is degree that offers students with expert knowledge/pereirrendo/commerce and computer applications.

This course is designed to cater to those students who would prefer a course with added advantage of computer knowledge. Apart from stulving the code commerce subjects, computers related courses are offered in all the six semesters. With a B.Com degree, a student is well prepared to be successful in both corporate and self-employment. For holders of this degree, the prospect is very high as all organizations are in requirement or either a commerce specialist, manager or an accountant. Students aspiring for professional courses such as CA/CS/CMA will get added advantage by perusing this course from the institute, because they will be getting special orientation classes related to their professional course.

Objectives of B.Com (Computer)
  • To expose students to concepts of commerce.
  • To train the students in the application of computers in various business operation.
  • To impart skills of organization/ presentation/analysis and application.
  • To cater to the current needs of the industry in areas of business, finance and computerization.
  • To enable the students learn analytical skills through a guided project in the area of computerization of Business operations.


Bachelor of Business Administration, or BBA, is a three-year fulltime course that is designed to give rise to future professionals, rather than mere 'degree holders'. In addition to academic learning, the course emphasises the development of key real-world business attributes like business intelligence, giving students the confidence, knowledge and expertise required to function in a corporate setting.

Why is BBA better than any other conventional degree?

  • A professional course: BBA goes beyond bookish knowledge. Instead, it sharpens your manageríal skills through presentations, case studies, industry visits, guest lectures by professionals, etc. that help you deal with real-life situations better.
  • A structured syllabus: Almost 70% of the subjects taught in the BBAcourse, be it areas of management like marketing, finance, systems or human resource management, is similar to that in the MBAprogram. Theoretical concepts learnt in the classroom are supported by practical experience in the form of projects, presentations, industrial visits and summer placements, thereby making the course a complete learning experience.
Future Prospects:
The obvious choice after BBA is opting for post graduation - an MBA. Having a prior knowledge of different aspects of management, BBA graduates often and it easier to crack MBA entrance exams, as compared to commerce graduates. After completing your BBA program, you also have the option of joining a
  • Banking, Consultancy, Finance, e.g.: Citibank, HSBC, HDFC Bank, SBI etc.
  • FMCG and Consumer Durable companies, e.g.: HUL, P&G, Marico, etc.
  • ITcompanies, e.g.: Infosys, Wipro, Microsoft, Compaq, etc.
  • Advertising agencies, e.g.: JWT, Lintas, Mudra, O & M, Leo Burnett, etc..


Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) is a three year graduate academic degree course in computer application.
It is becoming a vital part of all industries. The course can be opted by those who have not gone for engineering education and who have a desire to go in the field of Computer Technology. The course prepares them for middle level operation in Computer Application. The course covers all aspects of Computer Applications and Management. It also has projects for developing full software in various software languages in real time environment.

This course develops you to pursue your career in

  • Software Development
  • Systems Management
  • Database Administrator
  • Test Engineer
  • Web designing or computer hardware
  • Technical support Engineer
  • To demonstrate a sound knowledge in key areas of computer science or industrial computing.
  • To demonstrate a substantial understanding of concepts in key areas of computer science.
  • To carry out the required analysis and synthesis involved in computer systems, information systems and computer applications.
  • To demonstrate professional competence in developing software and in its design and implementation.
  • To develop sound practical skills to enable them to addressing problems which arise from computer systems and applications.


Master of Commerce or M.Com is a 2-year post- graduate Master's degree which focuses on Commerce, Accounting, Management and Economics related subjects.


  • The program is well received in the industry and for years has been serving the needs of managerial cadre in business and industry. It is a notch higher than a Bachelor degree in Commerce and helps build an in- depth knowledge about various commerce and trade practices.
  • M.Com. course boasts strong practical components, which are reinforced by the industry experience of our staff. Additionally, with the inputs of our Industry experts on our various academic councils, we, at Regional College, are able to ensure our degree meets the business needs. Our academics also combine rare industry experience with cutting-edge research

  • For admission to M. Com Program, students must fulfil the below-mentioned eligibility criteria
  • Bachelor's degree in Commerce or BBA.
  • Minimum 45% marks at the level of graduation.

Scope & Career Prospects:-

  • After completion of Master of Commerce program, a student can also find employment in both Private and Public Sector.
  • An M.Com degree holder can look for a career opportunity in public sector in various nationalized banks like State Bank of India, Union Bank etc. Railway Recruitment Board recruits these postgraduates for the post of Assistant Accounts/Audit Officer.
  • In Private Sector too, they can and employment in many roles such as Accountant, Actuarial Consultant, Budget Analyst, Finance Manager, Financial Advisor, Financial Analyst, Financial Planning, Internal Auditor, Securities Analyst and Stock Broker. Opportunities exist in Banks, Budget Planning, Business Consultancies, Educational Institutes, Foreign Trade, Industrial Houses, Inventory Control, Investment Banking, Marketing, Merchant Banking, Public Accounting Firms, Policy Planning, Public Accounting Firms, Treasury and Forex Department, etc.